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Since we were kids, we've always had the privilege to try out a lot of precious traditional Chinese food such as bird’s nest, ginseng and fish maw due to our family’s business background.  However, We have never looked into the benefits of these high-valued tonic ingredients, nor the reason why they are considered the traditional delicacies in Asian culture.   It was not until much later, when people around us started concerning about healthy diet & beauty food including recovery after pregnancy, did we take a closer look at them. And to our surprise, a lot of people actually do not have a thorough understanding of the high-valued tonic ingredients that they’ve purchased, not to mention the grading, quality, and whether they are valued for money.  There is also often a misconception that the more you eat, the healthier you get. But years of experiences taught us you have to eat right to fully maximize the health benefits of these nutritious ingredients.

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